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Loan Agreement








Canopi Financial Partners (Investment partners in Canopi LLP represented by an authorized and registered user in the Site


THIS AGREEMENT made and entered into at this day [$CURRENT_DATE$] BETWEEN [$CREATER_USERNAME$],  [$CREATER_NAME$], hereinafter called "the Borrower" AND Canopi Financial Partners hereinafter called "the Lender" and reference to the parties hereto shall mean and include their respective heirs, executors, administrators and assigns;


WHEREAS the Borrower is in need of short term working capital funds based on trade receivable [$INVOICE_NO$] for customer [$APPROVER_USERNAME$], [$APPROVER_ADDRESS$] and hence has approached the Lender to grant him/her a loan for the sum of INR [$INVOICE_AMOUNT$] as mentioned in the receivable and due to be repaid on [$INVOICE_DUE_DATE$];


AND WHEREAS the Lender has agreed to grant a loan to the Borrower for an interest rate of [$INTEREST_RATE$] % per annum calculated on a daily basis and a transaction fee at the rate of [$TRANSACTION_RATE$] % of the Invoice amount, which will be deducted upfront before the amount is transferred to the Borrower;


  1. Both parties represent covenants and warrants to each other that:

  1. He/She has read all the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and other materials available at the Site and

  2. The invoice, information and financial details submitted on the Site are true and accurate

  3. Canopi LLP is not responsible in any manner towards either loss of money or breach of privacy or leakage of any confidential information

  4. Borrower agrees to pay interest and additional charges on the loan as mentioned in the Schedule of Charges in this agreement

  5. Borrower agrees to repay the amount in full on or before the due date mentioned in the Schedule of Charges

  6. Any default by the Borrower in payment for dues would entail an additional interest rate of 24% on the entire amount, liveable from the date of the default without prejudice to Lengers other rights available as per this agreement and on default/failure of the Borrower to pay the same

  7. The obligation to pay additional interest shall not entitle the Borrower to set up a defence that no event of default as mentioned hereunder has occurred.

  1. The Lender shall disburse the said amount to the Borrower within a period of 5 (five) days from the date of this Agreement.

    1. The disbursal shall happen electronically to the current account of the Borrower that is disclosed at the time of onboarding on the Site.

    2. The disbursal shall not carry any additional charges to the Borrower

  1. The Borrower undertakes that

    1. The invoice or trade receivable that is applied for finance under this Loan Agreement shall be exclusively available to the Lender as a lien or right to set-off and shall not be reapplied for finance with other banks or financial institutions.

    2. The information on the site may be shared with Credit information agencies or other regulatory or authorized agencies and those agencies may use the information as deemed fit by them

    3. The borrower is responsible for any charges that may occur including but not limited to the entire Loan amount due to supplying false, incomplete or incorrect information regarding the bank details on the Site.

    4. The borrower shall make all arrangements in terms of registering the Lender’s bank account with the borrower’s bank account ahead of the payment due date and is responsible that the repayment is initiated on time on the due date agreed upon in the Schedule of Charges.

  1. Any defaults or non payments by the Borrower may be reported to the Borrower’s Bank where his/her current account is held or with the RBI or with other regulatory authorities.

  1. Any provision of this agreement that may be deemed invalid or unenforceable for any reason shall be severed from the agreement without affecting the entire agreement.

  1. In case of dispute or differences arising between the parties, the Lender may appoint authorized persons or agencies to settle the dispute and recover the Loan Amount or goods or properties amounting to the sum equal to the loan amount as appropriate before contemplating legal proceedings against the Borrower.

  1. The Terms mentioned here are subject to the laws in India. All claims, matters and disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts in Bangalore only.

  2. This agreement is made in electronic form under the grants and amendments of the Information Technology Act of India and shall not carry any paper based copies or signatures.

Schedule of Charges


Invoice Amount



Interest Rate

At [$INTEREST_RATE$]% p.a. calculated daily for [$INVOICE_INTEREST_NO_DAYS$] days


Transaction Fee

Flat fee of [$TRANSACTION_RATE$]% of Invoice Amount


Loan Start Date



Loan Amount

(Paid to the Borrower)



Loan Repayment Amount

(To be paid by the Borrower)



Loan Repayment Due Date